As far back as the time of Aristotle, there was a hypothesized, a large vast continent meant to mirror the great land masses of the northern hemisphere; the term used was Terra Australis Incognita, an Unknown Southern Land.

This series is about my own personal discovery and documentation of what Australia  was as a newcomer to this country. There are no conclusions, just questions and observations in a series of intertwined images that illustrate what I thought this country was before I got here and what I discovered over time.

 The title for this series is somewhat misleading because at the time this land was known; just not to Europeans. Evidence shows that Indigenous Australians have inhabited the land for thousands of years and have artefacts that go back as far as 60,000 years. Throughout my time here, I found a country that is struggling with a history of colonisation while being a western democracy in the middle of the Asia Pacific. Despite this there is something ‘Australian’ about the country and this is what I have tried to find and distil through the photography.