An Unknown Southern Land

As far back as the time of Aristotle, there was a hypothesised large vast continent that was meant to mirror the great land masses of the northern hemisphere; the term used was Terra Australia Incognita; an Unknown Southern Land.

This series is about my own personal discovery and documentation of Australia as a newcomer to this country. There are no conclusions, just questions and observations in a series of mages that illustrate what I thought this country was before I got here and what I discovered over time.

The title for this series is somewhat misleading because at the time this land was known; just not to Europeans. Evidence shows that indigenous Australians have inhabited the land for tens of thousands of years and have artifacts that go back as far as 60,000 years. I was amazed that this history not only isn’t celebrated in Australia but in some cases is outright denied. Throughout my time here, I found a country that is struggling with its history of colonisation while being a western Anglo democracy in the middle of the Asia Pacific. Despite this there is something ‘Australian’ about the country and this is what I have sought to discover and distill through my photography.