Originally from the UK, I have spent the last seven in the regional town of Broome and the wider Kimberley region of Western Australia.

My main interests are photographing the people and place documenting the here and now while thinking about the environment and our impact on it. 

I am hugely passionate about teaching young people my experience and knowledge about photography. While empowering the next generation with the visual communication tools necessary in today's age, they can take back the control and tell their stories, from their perspectives.



2017  - Winner of Shinju Matsuri award for photography

          - Kimberley Photographic Awards for black & white and landscape

          - Finalist for Fremantle Portrait Awards FIPP

          - Featured in Capture Magazine 'The Annual'

2016 - Finalist for Australia's Top Emerging Photographers Awards in Portraiture

2015 - Stewards Award for the Fremante International Portrait Prize

          - Winner of the Kimberley Photography Awards for portraiture