One Mile

This was shot in 2018 at the old community of One Mile on the outskirts of Broome, a week after the last of the residents had been evicted. Another Indigenous community within Broome had been earmarked for clearance, and with the tender for the demolition still out, the now empty community waited in limbo until its fate was sealed by signed paperwork and handshakes within municipal offices.

The doors and windows to the three houses were boarded up and nail gunned shut. A bathroom door that had been forced open and was ambiently lit by the low light of the setting sun, the silence broken by the echo of a tap dripping.

After taking a few overall shots I went to look at the old pay phone that was a few metres from the houses. The back was covered with the hand prints and markings reminiscent of photos I had seen of old rock art. Except these prints were on a more modern but now superseded form of communication.

Several weeks later the whole community was gone. The homes, the sheds, the perimeter fencing, and this old telephone box had all been cleared by the successful bidder.